Why homeowners should have security in mind before renovating their home

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A home is a safe haven, somewhere you can find comfort and relaxation after a tiring day. Making it your own and adding your personality can be a fun and exciting process.

How you secure your home is often an afterthought. In fact, choosing the right shade of white for your walls or deciding which direction your sofa should face is probably higher on the priority list for some homeowners.

However, for people who consider home security at the start of any renovation project, they are able to take advantage of a few perks and benefits. Implementing security measures early on can allow for technology and devices to seamlessly integrate into your home – and be cost effective too.

We have put together a list of things to consider while renovating your home or garden early on to help you maintain your privacy and keep your home, your haven.

CCTV & cameras

The UK has one of the largest totals for CCTV cameras in the world and home CCTV continues to rise. Big investments by the likes of Google-owned Nest, Amazon’s Blink, and up-and-coming security company Ring have made home security cameras more prevalent.

The sight of CCTV cameras along your street may no longer come as a surprise, however with the many advances in technology, it is important to determine what works for you and your home prior to any major renovations.

Thinking of CCTV at the start of a home makeover allows for wires to be hidden out of sight, the right cables to be connected and most importantly to install cameras in places where they are most effective.

Motion sensor cameras can be triggered before anyone even gets to the front door and notifying you on your smartphone. CCTV allows you to monitor your home and outbuildings 24/7 and provide you with live footage as and when required.

Home alarm systems

Another way to show burglars you have taken adequate steps to making their life harder is by installing an alarm system. You may want an alarm controlled from your phone or a system that’s linked to the police.

You should inform your intruder alarm company that you are currently undertaking home works because it may require sensors to be moved or added to cover a new extension to your property. Vibration alarms fitted to doors and windows will sound should an attempt be made to open them.

There are plenty of options to choose from based on your needs:

Smart Alarm Systems

A smart alarm would be the best way to go if you want to be in full control. They give you a notification if there’s any action on your cameras or your alarm goes off wherever you are in the world, at any time.

Monitoring Systems

There are two types, Keyholder and Police Response.

Keyholder: Your chosen nominees will automatically be connected and informed the moment your alarm goes off. This can give you peace of mind, knowing that if you are not around, your trusted family or friends can be.

Police Response: If you live in a high crime area, you may want an alarm that’s directly connected to the police. It’d mean that if your alarm went off and it was registered as a confirmed break in, the police would be directly contacted.

Smart home solutions

Many homeowners are turning to “smarter” and automated solutions to keep their homes safe. With the option to switch lights on and off while you are away as well as turning on alarms that you may have forgotten. You can read more on how home automation options are the future for everyone – not just for those who are technologically adept.

smart home living solutions

Doors & windows

Staggeringly, 43% of Burglars enter through the front door and so is usually a burglar’s first port of call to determine whether you are home or not. If you are thinking of upgrading your door or windows, consider some of these materials or attaching locks.

Timber, UPVC and Composite doors and windows are the most popular options when many people are looking to upgrade, and with different pros and cons for each, a secure, strong barrier can significantly decrease your chances of a security breach.

For enhanced security, motion detection alarms that can be attached to your windows and doors, alerting you or an appointed family member or friend when any glass is being shaken or moved can provide ease of mind. So whether you are asleep, or in another country, you can be rest assured that ALL of your access points are covered.

Smart locks are another option to consider, letting you forego keys entirely, you can provide your loved ones with codes to enter specific rooms, or your entire house. Great for people who are away often, you can also connect your smartphone to enable access from wherever you are in the world.

Garden and outdoor security


Many sheds, garages and structures in the garden can be easily climbed upon, providing access to top floor and top floor windows. Consider investing in sloped roofs, or planting a trellis. If you are more concerned, barbed wire or vandal grease are also good options to consider

Most importantly, investing in high quality locks for the buildings can be especially good at deterring and preventing burglary. Burglars often seek out unlocked outbuildings in order to find tools and equipment they can use to break in, saving them the hassle and attention of carrying bulky tools. Aany tools left lying around the garden can be used to break in. Always secure any gardening or DIY equipment after use.


Ensure that your walls or fencing are in a reliable condition. Do you need to strengthen any existing fences with concrete pillars? Windy and stormy weather can often weaken the foundation of many fences. If you have low walls or fences, consider adding plants, pointed toppers or barbed wire to prevent them from being easily jumped over.


Much like your fences, your gates shouldn’t be rusty, broken or easily jumped over. You can also add additional locks, or turn to electric fences ensuring that only people you approve can enter.


An empty driveway can tell a burglar many things. From being able to figure out your routine, to letting them know when you are not home, you could ask neighbours to park their car in your driveway if you will be away for long periods of time, such as when you are on holiday to confuse any thieves who have noticed when you are gone. Adding gravel or stones to your drive can also be a noisy deterrent.


There are many preventative measures that can be taken to ensure you feel safe and secure in your home, from the moment you wake up till the moment you sleep at night. Many of these measures require investing in systems and devices that can significantly decrease your chances of being robbed of not just your belongings, but your privacy and sense of security.

You can also contact Abel Alarm for a free site survey before you begin any new renovations, to ensure that we can help you secure your home for less and help you achieve maximum security and comfort.

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