Top 5 tips for keeping your home secure during winter

As the days darken, nightfall draws closer and a festive scent lingers in the air, among all the excitement and preparations for the festive season you can be forgiven for not giving a thought to your home security. 

According to UK crime stats, the Christmas period has the highest home burglary rate of the year. The festive season, which includes the visits of family and friends to the home, but it is also the period in which the rate of break-ins rises by up to 20%. 

Our experts have rounded up some of the most important things to consider this festive season and how to prevent any opportunists who are lurking around.

1. Motion sensor lighting

After security cameras, well lit areas tend to be a major deterrent for most burglars. It means they can easily be identified and unusual movements can be detected by neighbours and from within the home, especially if your motion sensor lighting is connected to a smart system that allows you to be notified.

However, it can be as simple as removing some large hedges in and around your garden and placing some motion activated lights to prevent a burglary.

2. Clear any snow from the driveway

If you live in an area that has particularly bad winters, such as in the northern parts of the UK or out in the countryside, it can be a giveaway or suggest you are not home to some thieves. While a pristine driveway of untouched snow may look pretty, shovelling it and clearing it can give the impression that someone is in and out of the home, as well as meticulous about the upkeep. 

Subconsciously, a burglar may determine that the effort and time put in to clear the snow may also indicate good security measures around the house. 

3. Don’t leave the car running unattended in the morning

Though it may seem like an efficient idea and a usual way to begin the cold mornings, running your car before you leave may be just what a car thief is expecting. Instead, try to park your car in your garage or simply cope with the cold until your car warms up.

If you have to run your car before you leave, be sure it is in a well-lit area and easy to see. Consider having a second set of keys so you can keep it locked while it’s warming up

4. Don’t lure burglars in from through the window

There is a lot of spending done around this time of year and it means you will probably have lots of gifts coming into your home. Try and keep things out of view from a window, especially big ticket items like electronics. Draw your curtains in the evening and hide your Christmas tree gifts from public view. 

5. Don’t post your every move on Social Media

It is reported that 65% of burglars know their victims and are likely tracking you on social media and despite your chosen privacy settings if someone is determined, they can surpass them. 

While bragging about trips and showcasing where you are and what you are doing over the festive season might seem normal or a way to share news, it acts as an invitation for someone to rob your home and keep an eye on your movements. Wait till you are home or unlikely to be target to post things. 

Winter is a great time to enjoy the festivities and holiday season, simply keeping alert and switched on, with the right equipment is enough to ensure you don’t become just another statistic this Christmas. If you require some help in learning how you can secure your home, email our team at or alternatively call us on 08448 002277* and we will be able to help with any queries you may have.

* Calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge

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