5 Reasons you should have a video doorbell

Also known as a smart doorbell, video doorbells are web-connected intercom systems for your home. These doorbells allow you to receive notifications directly to your connected smartphone of movement at your front door as well as view a live feed.

Most video doorbells allow you to communicate with whoever is at your front door with a built in speaker, making it ideal for receiving parcels while you are away or giving the impression that you are home.

In this blog post we have rounded up 5 of our top reasons for installing a video doorbell. 

1. Video doorbells can interact with other devices in your home

Video doorbells don’t have to be standalone devices, or just another application you need to download. Some video doorbells can act as part of a number of smart home devices, or connect to smart lights, notifying them to switch on if motion is detected within the vicinity. Having a video doorbell can heighten your security and create an impenetrable security gate around your home, without building one.

2. They can double as CCTV security

Having a view of the front door is extremely advantageous and catches angles that security cameras dotted around higher angles may not be able to view.

Some video footage of a burglar trying the front door of a home had been published by LeicestershireLive. According to the news site, many residents around the same area had been targeted and passed the footage along to the police to aid their investigation. Having a video doorbell installed allowed homeowners to provide the police with evidence.

3. Video doorbells are very easy to install

Unlike many smart home devices, video doorbells do not require a special technician or engineer, unless you’d like one, in order to get set up and running. They also require little to no maintenance and are built to last.

 “Battery-powered video doorbells are relatively easy to install — just charge the batteries, then mount them next to your door,” says Bernie Deitrick, a test engineer for home security cameras.

4. See who visited whilst you are away

If for any reason you missed a notification from your app, you will be able to use your video doorbell to check who visited. The video doorbell will be able to take a photo of who visited and document at what time and date they came, so you can rest easy knowing exactly who was around your home, and at what time.

5. Deter robbers at the first opportunity

Nearly half of all burglaries are opportunistic, meaning many will not be wearing a balaclava or face covering. When a video doorbell is spotted, it is a huge deterrent for criminals seeking to steal parcels on your door or even snooping around your home, knowing that they are face to face with a camera.

More and more people are choosing to protect their homes with smart solutions like video doorbells. Investing in one is a decision that may pay off very well in the future, even if only for peace of mind. Call our team today on 0116 2654200 or email info@abelalarm.co.uk to discuss your home requirements and to see what we can do for you.

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