How to meet Ofsted regulations for security and access control

With students across the country returning to school, there is an increasing amount of pressure placed on school staff to ensure new solutions and efficient ways of working and learning are now implemented in accordance with government guidelines.

A lot of schools have changed entry points for groups of students to avoid and work around the risks with COVID-19. Therefore, on site security is paramount to maintain the safety of staff and pupils, even in these challenging times. 

Whilst access control and security are important considerations for any institution, Ofsted inspections can be hindered if perimeter security is inadequate. 

Although security for some schools might be overlooked and just be another box to tick, for a regulating body such as Ofsted, it’s the foundation towards safeguarding pupils and staff.

So, how secure does your school really need to be, especially in these challenging times? 

Following Ofsted guidelines, the school will need to show how it takes reasonable steps to ensure the safety of pupils, on a basic level. These arrangements could include, monitoring of any visitors as well as good CCTV coverage of the grounds. 

Much like any other aspect of their criteria, they will be looking for a comprehensive security system which encompasses the entire site, taking into account access to specific areas, such as staff rooms or potentially hazardous areas in science or design departments. 

It goes without saying that these security measures and locks need to be secure, but they also need to be able to open during a fire alarm or power outage, so that complications do not arise and become a hazard in an emergency. 

As well as secure access for pupils and staff, Ofsted inspectors will also expect to see an identity badge system to be in place to enable staff to differentiate between authorised visitors and those that have not followed the required registering procedure.

Specialising in security for schools

Our team are highly experienced in the installation of security systems to meet Ofsted guidelines.

Abel Alarm successfully installed over 60 CCTV cameras for Plantsbrook School in Birmingham. These cameras can be monitored from the school’s server room. We provided a bespoke and uniquely tailored service to meet the needs of the school and Ofsted requirements to enhance the security of the school. 

We also provided access control solutions, ensuring that your staff and pupils are where they need to be, using unique identification monitoring tags and key fobs, keeping a record of who is where and when.    

This proves to be particularly useful in the event of an emergency, keeping a reliable record of movement across the school premises. 

Affordable, integrated security

Our integrated systems are an affordable solution – the nature of the components involved means it is completely possible and practical to mix items from different security providers to find the right cost and performance balance.

Wireless networks and the use of IP-enabled systems also mean that installation is straightforward, and our team are sensitive to working out of school hours to cause little disruption to pupils and staff alike. Equally, these powerful systems can be added to existing doors (including glass doors and fire doors), gates and barriers, further reducing disruption and any unnecessary additional costs.

When it comes to protecting people and premises, as well as satisfying the stringent Ofsted inspections, your school needs to be sure its security meets the necessary standards for a modern environment.

We can give you a balanced and professional opinion as well as helping you to plug any potential gaps. Our security experts will find the perfect solution for your budgetary and protection needs, ensuring peace of mind for your management team and stakeholders, as well as the pupils and parents you have the duty of care for.

For more details on how Abel security systems can help your school meet Ofsted regulations please visit or telephone us on 08448 002277 *.

* Calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge 

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