The Abel Academy

What is The Abel Academy?

 The Abel Academy is defined as a company-specific training and development institute.  It can be considered as a ’central educational hub’. Its primary purpose is to make a translation of the business objectives to training initiatives relevant for the employees and the company.

The Abel Academy has a function aimed at the development of people as individuals and their performances as teams. The activities of the Abel Academy could extend to the complete value chain of the organization, such as customers, and other organizations.

5 Benefits of becoming an Apprentice…

The chance to be your best

When you start an apprenticeship, you’ll learn a skilled trade from an expert in that field, with the skills and experience that you will eventually gain. You will learn to do work that you love, and that will give you great job opportunities for the future!

A skill you can use

Jobs that begin with an apprenticeship are highly skilled and are in high demand!

It takes specialised training, which you’ll gain through your apprenticeship to enable you to complete the job to your best ability. Once you have completed the apprenticeship, you’ll have credentials that will be valued anywhere you go.

Earn whilst you learn

People do not usually get the opportunity to be paid whilst learning something new, as an apprentice; you’ll learn a new skill and get paid whilst you learn. Apprenticeships combine book learning with on-the-job training. At the end of the apprenticeship, you can keep your job and earn a higher salary as a skilled craftsman or you can take your skills to a new job.

Great opportunities

There are apprenticeships in nearly every field you can imagine which means that you can find an apprenticeship for nearly any career you want. And, if you complete an apprenticeship, you’ll have the skills and job experience to earn higher wages and get better opportunities than people who have entered your field without one.

A secure future

 With an apprenticeship, you’ll have the chance to gain the skills and technical know-how to become one of the best in your field. By achieving such a high level of skill, it will lead to a higher salary and greater job prospects; this will mean that your future is secure.

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