How smart living solutions can help create cleaner and safer homes

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With COVID showing no signs of going away anytime soon, many of us covering our faces when getting around, regularly using hand sanitisers and socially distancing, it is easy to forget that our own homes can breed and develop the same bacteria and viruses we are so conscious of when out and about.

In this blog post, we discuss some of the ways that smart living technology has helped us move past the point of fiddly remotes and unnecessary human contact. Smart living and home automation tech can now ensure that you are just as protected from the spread of germs inside your home, as you are outside.

Motion activated light switches

Each time you flick a light switch you transfer a lot of bacteria.

An average light switch in a home in the UK breeds over 200 bacteria per square inch. To put that into context, your light switch is most likely dirtier than your toilet – pretty disgusting!

Having lights that are activated either by motion or a mobile phone app can reduce picking up and transferring nasty germs from food, bathrooms, keys, or whatever else people are touching with their hands.

Smart thermostats

Feeling a sudden chill come on? There is no longer any need to move from the sofa, or the warmth of your bed, with the horror of potentially transferring any bacteria onto your thermostat. You can now stay warm, or cool without potentially spreading a potentially deadly virus

By having your thermostats controlled wirelessly with an app on your phone, once again you cut down on having multiple people touching the same small plastic piece.

nest learning thermostat
The Nest Learning Thermostat should be installed by a professional. Abel Alarm is a Nest Pro recognised installer.

Security cameras and doorbell cameras

We may have mentioned security cameras a couple of times before, maybe mentioned them in absolutely every and any blog post, but only because they are so effective at keeping you safe.

The greatest thing about some of our security cameras and doorbells, are that you can see/hear/and talk to anyone who is in the vicinity. No need to scream at the postman telling him to leave your parcel behind the bin from the top floor window.

You can now get a notification for any motion detected around your door, so no one even needs to touch the doorbell for you to be alerted of their arrival, and you don’t need to open any doors, or upstairs windows for that matter now.

Just speak into your mobile’s microphone and tell the postman to leave your parcel at the door, while he spins around in fright at a faceless voice booming orders at him. Sounds almost… biblical.

Voice and smartphone control

Having a voice or smartphone controlled system means serious decluttering. Those oily remotes you dig for can stay under the sofa. Does your fan have a remote to control the speed and direction? How about that little remote for your wireless speaker? What about the garage door remote?

Sayonara to those tiny remotes that keep you poking around in “that” kitchen drawer for batteries, perhaps coming out lucky with one Duracell and one Toshiba because you figured you didn’t need any batteries while staring at them at the checkout line.

Having as many devices as possible voice-enabled doesn’t just make your life easier (and pretty cool) but does more to help prevent the spread of germs than you can imagine. Imagine not having to share the TV remote with anyone?

However, If speaking to robots isn’t your thing, you can also opt for 1 remote that works for all of your devices. From your fan, to your TV, this simple and smart remote controls it all.


How we move, shop, eat and socialise has drastically changed, and so it only makes sense that we change the way we operate indoors too. Smart Homes and Technology have paved the way for a much more sanitary approach to the remainder of the year, decreasing the risk of a virus or bacterial infection.

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